Irina Blomqvist

Irina Blomqvist Mentor

At Cognizant Accelerator Irina is responsible for generating and vetting new ideas and concepts, evangelizing innovation both internally and externally, and providing new avenues to drive non-linear growth. This includes identifying and working with venture funds, startups, accelerators, incubators, and academic research institutions globally to establish partnerships with external innovators.

Irina previously headed the DIGIBUSINESS Cluster’s operations in Finland for many years. The aim was to give digital startups better business skills and internationalise Finnish startups, providing them with connections to VC’s. Irina built programs like ‘Growth coaching for startups’ and ‘International Business Program’ to catalyse opportunities for Finnish startups. Irina has since worked with Investments, helping large corporations set up a presence in Finland. She is an expert in assisting corporations that wish to establish and set up R&D centers, university collaboration, innovation activities and finding M&A deals in Finland.

Irina has regularly spoken at many conferences and helped establish a European digital think tank with six European development organisations to lobby startups at the European Commission.