Artificial Intelligence makes the future an exciting place for disruption!

How might we build and make that future? How might we make the insurance sector a more exciting place? Over the 24-25 May, we will ideate and build out solutions to have them near-demo-day ready. This means you will be able to show your early stage prototypes and put your solution in front of some of the key Insurance AI people.

By attending CHAI you will be able to:

1) Build and make early stage prototypes to show major Insurance companies

2) Gain incredible exposure to pitch your solutions directly into major insurance companies who are coming in person, as well as the wider global audience of insurance companies that we have plugged into this build solutions hackathon

3) Keep a tracked IP claim using Bernstein.io technology to make sure that you own what you have conceptualised and contributed

Apply now and let’s start connecting the best AI & Insurance people together!


Memox World Zürich
Albisriederstrasse 199,
8047 Zürich, Switzerland


24-25 May 2018

pitch to worldwide insurance companies

meet with key AI people

world class venue


IP protected with Bernstein.io

Plug in with 50+ AI experts

What will make you stand out?

Hackathons at this level are more than just being able to use computers to solve problems.

We are looking to bring together open-minded people who can apply their problem solving skills to the exciting opportunities created by the widespread use of AI in the Insurance sector.

We share the excitement of others who see coming together to work on their ideas to make a real difference. We back up that level of excitement by ensuring that you keep your IP and lock it down.

We therefore look for people who can think of solutions that are awesome, that make an impact, that can scale and – crucially – that demonstrate you can step up and make a real contribution to the world of Insurance using the opportunities AI opens up!

Problem solving

Real time feedback to validate your ideas

Building your idea out

Making your idea investable

Using your insights and applying them to AI Insurance

Reaching decision makers in a fun, fast paced environment